LingQs not saving

Hi there,

This is a strange problem. Although the LingQs I save appear to be saved in my vocabulary, they don’t show up in the text anymore. I’ve had this problem for maybe three days now and thought it might sort itself out, but it’s still happening. I’ve been reading through several French texts, highlighting and saving words and even if I try multiple times, they simply won’t remain highlighted. What can I do? Thanks for your help!

Hi Jezsh,

The only way highlighted words should stop being highlighted is if they are either moved to status 4 or if you untick the “Show highlighting” tick box on the word list when the lesson is open. If neither of those things are happening, it sounds like a strange bug.

I had a similar problem, but it only seemed to happen when I tried to save a LingQ over one already created (like if I was trying to save a phrase but also wanted to know what the individual word meant), the highlighting disappeared.

Hmm…I had a look, but the tick box is still ticked and the words are totally new, so they can’t be status four. So I suppose it’s a strange bug. Any ideas for what I could try to fix this? It’s not such a problem for German, but in French it’s quite frustrating. Very strange!

It does seem very strange. We are going to be implementing a major upgrade in the next week that involves the way words are highlighted. For now, about all you can do is wait for the upgrade and hope the problem is fixed. If it still isn’t after the update, let us know.

Thanks Mark, will do.