Lingq's not saving

One issue I’m having with the new site: I’ll go through an entire article and select the definitions that I want to turn all unknown words from blue to yellow, and then I’ll click “Move all remaining words to known words list.” It will turn the remaining words white. I’ll close the article, reopen it, and all the yellow words are blue again! Some of those articles are very long, and I can spend almost ten minutes turning the words to yellow. I don’t really want to have to do that twice for each article.

EDIT: This doesn’t seem to be happening with every article, but it’s happened a couple of times.

“I’ll close the article, reopen it, and all the yellow words are blue again!”

I encountered this also. Then, after reloading the page, the words went yellow again.

Another weird issue. As I’m going through new words, I’ll see an old word that I might have mistakenly marked as known, I double-click on it to highlight it and select a definition to turn it yellow. Sometimes you’ll see multiple instances of the same word on that page, but it will only turn one of the instances yellow. Also, I won’t be able to select a definition for the next blue word in line from within the dashboard. If I exit the dashboard, I can create a link from that blue word.

@chriswnw - Thanks for reporting these issues. We will look into them and let you know if we need any additional information.

@chrisnwn, hape - These issues should now be resolved. Are you still experiencing them?

No, no longer experiencing the originally reported issue. However, I infrequently encounter a blue word that I cannot convert to yellow. Also, if I ever mistakenly mark a word as known, converting it to yellow is essentially impossible. I’m no longer having any issues with lingqs reverting to blue, however.