LingQs not saving properly

I have been using the Turkish slot for Serbo-Croation for a whlile, and this issue has just started happening today. LingQs / hints are not saving.

I click on a blue word, go to the dictionary, add the translation/hint and press “return” ( this would usually save the tag). Not much happens, sometimes the “saving” text appears. When I see the word again, it is tagged as yellow, but the LingQ is empty : /

Any thoughts or help?

Oddly, if I type something in the “notes” section of the card , then click into the main “hint” section, the lingQ saves properly : ?

This problem appeared to me as well. It looks like just the lessons created after the yesterday LingQ’s downtime are affected: in these I cannot save lingqs’ descriptions from widgets. Older lessons seem to work normally.

Yes, I’ve gone through old lessons and they seem fine. For now I can type a few periods into the “notes” and it seems to de-bug and save, but it’s not ideal.

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Happening with me also!

@maths, thanks for the work-around!

Yea, I’m kind of a genius ; )

Just discovered this was happening to me too. I’m not very happy because it does waste my time having to go back. The problem seems to be intermittent as well as sometimes the links save correctly. Thanks for the work-around to as this does work.
Cheers, Max

Sorry about that. We will look into that and get that fixed as soon as possible.

I hope this problem will be fixed soon … A lot of my lingqs weren’t saved, so now they go without a hint or definition.