Lingqs not saved

I noticed that when you leave LingQ in the middle of a session, that is, before you finish saving all unknown words, I lose all saved words. When I go back to the same lesson, the unknown words are all blue again.

in android app i realized it also, but in computer, it does not do that

Would you let us know which browser you are using when you experience this?


False alarm, Alex. Please forgive me. I reloaded the lesson, and my saved lingqs reappeared. It is an issue with the android app, though, as aileia3 mentioned above.

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OK, glad to hear the site is working. I checked the Android app and didn’t seem to experience this issue. I opened a lesson, saved a few LingQs, went back to the lesson list then opened the lesson again. The LingQs I had created seem to be showing properly when I open the lesson up again.

I’ll try that again when I get home. My wife has reported the same thing.