LingQ's new updates make it the best app in my experience for language learning

I’ve just realized that LingQ now timecodes uploaded youtube videos and audio files in sentence mode.
What this means is now LingQ doesn’t have to be dissociated text from the original audio/visual like it used to be (my biggest criticism of it), and the clip of the audio visual can be studied with the text.

This opens up a ton of possibilities for me. I can listen to a sentence/clip over and over again and then intensively go over the sentence. I can shadow/chorus the sentence too, for pronunciation practice.

Thus, now my intensive listening and intensive reading are now seamless.

I’ve also moved away from anki to just use the LingQ flashcards daily. Trusting ONLY the natural SRS just doesn’t work for my memory and sentence mining is very helpful for me.

I was considering ceasing my subscription to LingQ when it’s up in July but now I’m going to keep it going.


Hi there! I just wanted to mention that I find Firefox to be a great browser, especially compared to Chrome. One of the features I really appreciate is the ability to expand the video player on YouTube by simply clicking on a small square icon at the bottom of the video. It makes watching videos much more convenient, as you can quickly switch to full-screen mode. Just thought I’d share this little tip with you! Cheers!"

Just wanted to let you know that with Firefox, you can easily resize, enlarge, or shrink the video player window on YouTube. You can also move it around to wherever you like. The best part? This feature works in both sentence mode and reading mode. It’s super convenient for customizing your viewing experience. Give it a try!"