Lingq's listening count

Quick question,

Good morning. When you replay the audio on a Lingq lesson, sometimes multiple times, does it continue to add to your listening time (minutes, hours)? Or does only the first play through of a lesson count?


Once you listened to the end of the track, its length is added to your Listening time stat. Even if you just click somewhere right before the end-point and let it play a few remaining seconds, the whole track length will be added to the stats.
It means that if you didn’t finish the audio track, the time you was actually listening would not be registered.
@Zoran, right?

Thanks! So I guess what I’m wondering is… if I listen to, for example, the same 5 minute track in it’s entirety, 5 times, am I credited with 25 minutes of listening?


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That’s correct, @SergeyFM explained it perfectly.