Lingqs Learned vs. Known Words

When I mark a lingq as “learned” (ie, “4”), I see the Lingqs Learned counter increment by 1. I don’t always see the Known Words count update, though. I can’t figure out what the criteria would be. Or is this a bug?

For example, right now for the day, I marked 38 lings as “learned (4)”. The Lingqs Learned count increased by 38, but the Known Words only went up by 28. Shouldn’t the Known Words always be at least equal to Lingqs Learned? Or is there some formula I’m not aware of?

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LingQs learnt includes phrases, but known words does not. So 38 LingQs Learnt and only 28 Known Words means that you learnt 10 phrases (that is, multiple words like “logged in”).


Aha, that’s it. Thanks!

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Yes, a word became Known when you change it’s status to 4 (or checkmark). However, as @nfera mentioned below, Known Words counter includes words only, not phrases.

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