LingQs learned statistics

The LingQs learned are not registering in my statistics. I noticed the statistics for these were going down all week, and I worked hard every day. Now the stats are for several days, and I know I moved more than 4 into the learned category yesterday.


Yeah, same here, i was going to post the same question! I’ve done quite a bit since the first and things aren’t being incremented.

Not that I need it as I know what I’ve accomplished, but I like competition; it makes me perform better and more consistently! :slight_smile:

This seems to be working for me. It could have been a temporary delay at the time you posted. Can you please check again. And, if your stats are still not working properly, please detail the exact steps you are taking to test. Thanks.

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I checked this morning, and I have increased my Lingqs learned. The difficulty seems to have been solved. Thank you for checking.

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My individual stats have never stopped incrementing, it’s the stats in the challenges that weren’t and are still not incrementing.

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I see that now. Thanks. The number is incrementing in the challenges but not the progress bar.

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Now, something else has changed. I see my stats changing in the streak with Steve. The stats in the 90-day German challenges aren’t incrementing, and I didn’t get a badge for knowing a 1000 words.

Also, I checked my stats last night before I went to bed and was just under 30,000 words read, was in the teens for hours listened, hundreds more Lingqs, and more words known…all these numbers are lesser now :frowning:

That seems strange. I can see your 1000 word badge has been awarded on your profile and that you have over 25000 words read. All seems fine. Are you somehow looking in the wrong place? Can you send the url of the page you are looking at?

The words have gone up since I posted and you looked at my profile as I’ve continued to read.

However, here are some recent screenshots from my phone, which showed the same numbers on my tablet and web browsers. Also, the stats in the 90-day German challenges are still not incrementing.

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Your coins total is 90-Day Challenge now shows 26281, and it did increased compared to your screenshot where it shows 22276, so it does seem to update properly. Do you see updated number too now?

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It is the same, 22276.