LingQs learned issue

I don’t know if it is just me but is anyone else having problems updating their “LingQs learned” bar/status? I am stuck at twenty-three and I have learned a lot more LingQs than that. Whenever I update a word to four(known) the bar doesn’t update and I am still at twenty-three.

Thanks Nick. We are working on all of these issues. It is useful to hear from as many people as possible about problems they are experiencing.

We would also like to hear from people who are enjoying those things that work better in the new system. Certainly for me, LingQing has become an order of magnitude easier and more fun to do. These other problems will be straightened out.

Thank you Steve for the reply.

I really love the new site! I was an old LingQ member before the updates. I canceled my account with my Spanish studies because I wanted to go through a course before I really started LingQ, and I wanted to create hunger for myself in my Spanish studies. Which is needed in learning a new language!

I got the account and I was really amazed at the new site! It is just a big improvement! LingQing is much easier now! Being able to put the mouse over a word and see the word meaning right there is one of the main things I was wishing for back on the old site, and I am very happy that you put this on the site! I don’t know what it is but it seems as though it is easier to find things in the library now.

With any new update on a site one is going to get problems, but these will be taken care of in no time. The site can only get better I say.

Keep it up!

We have just made some improvements to the Learned LingQs and Known Words counters. Learned Words are now reflected in the Known Words total. We have also tried to eliminate any discrepancy between the actual number of words learned and the number displayed. Please let us know if you continue to see inconsistencies.

I’m still having problems. I move a word up to a 4 and the bar doesn’t move up on my lingQs learned or my Known words.

I can’t reproduce the problem. The stats work perfectly for me on multiple browsers on multiple computers. If I move a word to 4 and then refresh the Home page, I see the Learned LingQs has increased by 1 as has the Known Words. If I move a phrase to 4, the Learned LingQs will go up by one but the Known Words does not. If I move a Learned LingQ from 4 to 3 and then back up again, Learned LingQs remain unchanged and Known Words decreases. When I move that LingQ back to status 4, Learned LingQs remains unchanged and Known Words increases by 1.

LingQs can only be learned one time and do not count the second time they are learned. Likewise, if a LingQ has been indicated as Known using the Known or I Know All buttons, it can no longer be learned since it has already been considered Known. These are the only ways I can make my Learned LingQs statistic not increase and this is the way the statistics are designed to work.

I moved a few of my lingQed words to 4 and still nothing. I refreshed a few times on my page and even logged off for a bit and it still doesn’t move up. The thing that is weird is that everything else moves up besides my LingQs learned. I’ll keep trying out some different things and I’ll get back to you Mark.


Mark, I think it is my computer for some reason. I put words to 4 and still nothing happens and if others are not having this problem then it may just be myself.


Nick910, I have the same problem, but it doesn’t bother me at all. I’m sure everything will be settled in the end.

Nick910, tevja,
At the lesson page, I created 10 lingQs and did flashcard game several times to status4. The number of Learned LingQs increased properly.

However, at the lesson page, I created 10 lingQs and clickd “I Know All” button, and after that I did flashcard game to status4. The number of Lerned LingQs did NOT increased.

Any hint? I don’t know that the system works properly or not.

Hmm, I have only been going the Vocabulary section and moving words from 1 to 4 and seeing if that would work. I’ll just try out the flashcards again and see if that does it for me.

Thanks, Nobuo. Now it works properly. I think the logo under the text ‘Know all blue words?’ is a little bit confusing.

Thanks for all the input. We will eventually get to the bottom of this.