LingQ's Learned doesn't seem to change?

Firstly - thanks for this fabulous website!
I am learning Portuguese. I notice that despite doing my flashcards and getting them right the LingQ’s learned doesn’t seem to change. Do I have to go through them a certain number of times for this number to update itself? I know I need to answer them correctly twice in a row for them to be removed from the session.

you have to go through the flashcard up to the time “no card is there”. Only that is the finish to change the number.

Hi Irene
Thanks - I didn’t realise how many times I had to go through them for them to be classed as learned. The number has now changed :slight_smile:

Hi Lily,

Thanks for the complement! You will see that each LingQ you create has a Status attached to it. This is the number (1-4) you can click on beside each term in the LingQ widget. This number is also visible on the flashcards in the top right corner.

When this number is changed to 4-Known, the word will be added to your Learned LingQs. If you answer the terms correctly twice in a row, they are removed from that flashcard session and the Status moves up 1 level. You need to do this 3 times to move the word to Known.

If you’re testing your ability to remember the word, we don’t recommend flashcarding the same set of terms more than once a day. Test your recollection by testing the words over multiple days. That is why we remove them once they’ve been tested correctly twice.

If you’re sure you know the term, just adjust the status manually to move them to Known.

Hi Mark
Ah yes I missed the little numbers, I can see them now (too busy concentrating on the word - haha).
I agree re - testing the word too many times in a day. Spaced repetition all the way for me - I like the Leitner system.
Thanks for your speedy reply :slight_smile: