Lingqs learned and known words?

Hey guys, As I converted some of my 3 words to 4 words today, I noticed it says i’ve learnt 31 lingqs but the “known” words only says 21. I’m not quite sure on why there is a difference between these two.

[deleted] Misinformation

@Corin_Wright - Were some of your Learned LingQs phrases or were they all words?

learned words = words directly learned from blue + learned lingqs - phrasal lingqs learned

@mark nope, I can’t quite remember how many exactly there were on the “3” level, but 2 pages worth of 25 at most. and I went through them on the flashcards converting most of them into 4’s. so this is why it doesn’t make sense to me that the two statistics don’t match.

@kcb. I had thought that was possibility but then it makes me question what the point of the statistic “learned words” is if the only way you can increase the stat is by coming across blue highlighted words and somehow you know them without going through the lingqing process until they go to the “4” stage of knowing a word. also the target would see to be set rather high if ever day you are expected to come across 28 (for example) words that you somehow “know” without going through the reviewing process.

@Corin_Wright - Learned LingQs is a statistic that calculates how many of your LingQs you have moved to status 4. It includes phrases, but phrases aren’t included in your Known Words total. It doesn’t include words that are moved straight from blue to Known – these are just considered “Known”.

It’s a bit tough to track down what the issue here might be. I did do some testing but it seems to be working properly on this end. Is it possible that you moved some words from status 4 down to a lower status?

@Corin_Wright - You very often know words even though you haven’t encountered them on the system yet. Different but similar forms of a verb are a good example. In fact, you do end up learning more words than just the ones you encounter and LingQ.

I’ve thought of this myself. If a new learner makes all of the unknown blue words into a link and then learns the lingQ later, his known word count would stay relatively low while his learned lingQ count would become very high.

@pmilone - All learned words are counted as known words.

mmm. After reviewing some more words today, the known words and lingqs learned number are still different for todays review. I hadn’t included any phrases either. I guess it doesn’t matter that much, it just bothered me a bit.