Lingqs language selection - two default languages

I am polish native speaker so I usually create lingqs in Polish. But it is also useful to see lingqs created by other members in English. Especially when I am starting a new language - I know all basic English and Spanish words so it is useful for me to see lingqs in English/Spanish if there is no Polish translation.
I was trying to find an option to set two default languages - Polish and english for lings but I can’t find it. Can you please help?

edit: it works when I change “dictionary language” in my profile. But there is only single selection. It’s not possible to select multiple languages and order them. It looks I will need to update my profile every time I learn Arabic because there are no polish lings yet for this language :frowning:

I know that you guys who speak English are in comfortable situation that you have so many already created lingqs but for people from other countries it would be really useful.

@mariuszf - If you click on Popular Translations in the blue or yellow widget, you can then see all popular translations for that language. If you then change the language there, you can see the hints for any other language and click to choose one. You can also add dictionaries in multiple languages from the All Dictionaries pane.

Great! This helps me, too. Thanks!

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