Lingqs -> Known Words

To complement the ‘Move all remaining words to Known words list’, might it be useful to have a ‘Move all remaining words to Status4(known)’ ?
The benefit could be that sometimes you would like the words to be entered in to the lingq vocabulary for later lookup/tweaking (They would have to take the most popular/default definition, I guess). This happens for Status4-Known, but not normal Known.
As it is, a simple Known word seems to be inaccessible until you happen upon it again in a lesson.

Occasionally it would be useful to find an unusual or advanced - but Known - word in context amongst the wealth of content on to appreciate its tone/mood/sense amongst native speakers. I see this as one of lingq’s great strengths normally. But it’s very hard to track down a Known word again unless you can remember which lesson it appeared in.

I might be mistaken, so can anyone suggest an easy way to find an occurrence of an unusual Known word within any of lingq’s content? E.g. I know the Swedish word ‘företeelsen’ so it is not in my lings vocabulary , but I want to find some examples of in context.

@Steve555 - Thanks for the suggestion. I think in this case it’s best to actually create a LingQ out of these words then move them to Status 4 right away. If you’re just looking for a specific word in any lesson, you can actually use the search in the Library or the My Lessons section, as this also searches the lesson text.

Thanks! I didn’t realise the text was searchable, that’s fantastic, addresses my needs perfectly :slight_smile: