Lingqs in wrong language on Android

I noticed a few months ago that the LingQ Android app on my Kindle was saving words with the incorrect language tag: i.e. I’d enter an English definition, but the app would save it as an Italian definition. I was somewhat annoyed, but not enough to go on the forums and point it out…

But now I’ve noticed that it does the same thing on my phone: any new lingqs saved in the Greek slot are saved as Greek definitions instead of English definitions. I have to go back and change each hint manually.


The hint language should be based on whichever dictionary you have selected in the app. Would you let us know which dictionary shows when you tap on “Check Dictionary” on the blue popup?

English as the dictionary language (there aren’t any other dictionaries set up, as far as I can tell), but the hints show up as Greek. I used to see the same behavior with English and Italian.

In that case, please try the following:

  1. Log out of the app then log back in
  2. Open up a lesson, tap on a blue word and tap “Check Dictionary”
  3. Tap on “Language” at the bottom then select “English”
  4. Tap on “Dictionary” at the bottom then select your desired dictionary
  5. Enter a hint at the top

After doing this, please check on the site to confirm the hint language is English. If not, let us know!