Lingqs I made turn blue again

See title. I worked through some material but all the lingqs are blue again.

When did you start experiencing the issue? In what language? Are you using web or app version?

I use the app. I first experienced when I used it on the plane without internet. I thought it would sync up later but all my Lingqs that I made turned blue again.

Then when I got home with internet again it happened again.

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I’ve been experiencing these bugs on Android as far as I can remember (at least since the start of the year). Even after a recent Android update, claiming to fix the offline experience, it did not fix any of the bugs, which make reading new lessons offline on Android impossible - namely the failure to mark New Words as Known or ignored, and adding lingQs. There appears to be some trigger for it, as very occassionally, it works correctly, but the vast majority of the time, it just bugs out. (Reading lessons you don’t need to mark New Words or create new lingQs may work just fine.)

@miriaml5 Reading new lessons offline is a completely unusable feature due to bugs. If you must study offline, listen to the playlist, as it mostly works as expected.

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Thanks, we will check if there are any issues.