Lingqs don't show up

I am a paying subscriber but I notice that many of the lingqs I create fail to show up in subsequent posts.

Perhaps I have misunderstood something but I am under the impression that once you create a lingq then the next time you highlight the same word in another post it should show up under “Examples from My lessons / All Lessons.”
I thought that this was one of the major features of the Lingq system.

I find that sometimes lingqs show up this way but that about 50% of the time they don’t. I have created over 2700 lingqs so far and this is a consistent problem.

Can anyone explain this for me? Thanks.


Hi Philip,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this!

Just to clarify, when you save a LingQ, it should show up highlighted in yellow everywhere that word appears in any of your lessons. The “Examples” is a feature that gives you other examples of where that word appears, both in lessons you have opened and in lessons in the Library. It doesn’t include every single instance (as otherwise the list would be really long in some cases!).

Are there cases where you’ve saved a LingQ and it’s not showing up highlighted in the lesson text? If so, if you can give us some examples from specific lessons this should give us a much better idea of what might be causing this!


Thanks for the response. Your explanation clears up the situation for me however I still have a question.

First of all words that I have saved as LingQs do indeed show up as highlighted words in all cases. So no problem there.
Sometimes examples are shown and sometimes not.

I was under the impression that LingQs should somehow “link” back to other cases where I had encountered the word. But obviously I was wrong. They link back to random examples and not always.

You have explained above that examples don’t include every single instance and given the reason for that. It makes sense.

All the same I’d like to ask if there is any way I can easily find where other cases of a highlighted word appear in texts I’ve studied. In other words, say I’m reading through a new text and come across the word “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”. It’s highlighted so I know I’ve seen it before but where? It is not showing up as an example, or it might be but not as an example that I have studied before. How do I track it down among the texts I have imported or studied in LingQ?


“Examples” for “My Lessons” don’t include private lessons. We don’t index private lessons, so we aren’t able to return fragments from those lessons in the Examples section, and that is the reason why some LingQs you saved don’t have examples included.

For now, unfortunately, there is no way to track all cases in all lessons where you encountered highlighted word. As Alex said, the list would be really long in some cases.

We are here if you have any additional questions!