LingQs created vs LingQs learned

Just out of curiosity, for people with 40k+ known words, how do your current rates of LingQs created and LingQs learned compare (i.e. over the last month, couple months)? What about Known Word rate (i.e. blue words to known)? I’m guessing at some point the LingQs learned will outpace the LingQs created. If so, I’m wondering at which point that’ll happen.

As an example, @ 27.5k known words now, over the past month, LingQs learned are at about 20% of LingQs created. Also, words LingQ‘d are almost exactly even with Words Known (this difficulty learn I usually aim for).

Edit: I should mention that this assumes you’re reading adult level literature (obviously reading simple material wouldn’t have enough blue words to LingQ).

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