LingQs created and Learned LingQs errors

Today I learned about 18 LingQs and I went to check up on my profile and it had a -18 by the bar. I also created a lingQ and it had -1.

@Nick910 - I see now that you have -1 Learned LingQs for today. This can happen if you move Learned LingQs (status 4) to a lower status. Then these Learned words become unlearned and your stats can show a negative number for the day.

I don’t think that is the case Mark. I just went through some words and learned them and it still has my bars in the negative. It just added them to my known words bar.

You may be right Nick. Something strange may have happened there. Are you saying that if you learn a LingQ, the Learned LingQ stat doesn’t increase?

Correct Mark.

I first saw it in my Spanish tab, tried to work with it and nothing happened. I then went to my German tab and played with some lingQs and still nothing.

Hey Mark, I just found a new issue.

When I pull up my lessons page and pull up a lesson, the tasks can not be up date. I mean that when I click on the arrows to tally how many times I have read and listened I can only get one time. If I click on the other one it deletes that one entry from say listening and moves it to reading and makes listening zero. This goes on back and forth.

I hope that made sense.

Hi Nick,

You are right. There is an issue with the reading and listening counters. We will get that looked at.

Regarding the other issue, how exactly are you “Learning” LingQs? Nobody else is reporting the issue of not being able to learn LingQs. What exactly are you doing? I also notice that you have No Knowledge selected for German which causes your Progress Snapshot to not appear for that language. In fact, nobody has No Knowledge once they start. :slight_smile: Can you change that to Beginner1 so I can see those stats too on your profile?

Hi Mark,

I am learning lingQs by going though them via flashcards actually. Some words I don’t learn that way and I just move them to 4’s. This is how I have always done it and I have never had any problems.

I just moved my German profile from No Knowledge to Beginner 1 and it has the same issue as my Spanish one but now it is my lingQs created, which I actually made a bunch last night and it is in the negative.

It seems as though I can only learn lingQs by going through my flashcards actually and not by going off the list and moving them to 4’s.

I played with a word or two in German, created a lingQ, and my -25 went to a -24. Eventually it will get to zero but it’s odd that it put me in the negatives.

Ah! Sorry Mark for triple posting.

Ok, I learned a lingQ in my Spanish profile via flashcards. It went from -1 to 0. I then thought it may be because I deleted a few lingqs. (I am still a free member at the moment) I then checked my profile and saw that it went back to -1 because I deleted that lingQ.

This is the same with my German profile. I make a lingQ, learn it, delete it, and then the numbers do the same thing.

I think it may be time to think about up-grading. :wink:

Hi Nick,

It appears that there is a problem related to deleting LingQs (which we don’t recommend anyways!) and the Created LingQs statistic. Since the Created LingQs is not a concrete statistic on our database it seems that deleting LingQs sometimes causes it to malfunction. We’ll look into it and see what we can do to get it working properly.
We can’t guarantee if upgrading would fix this specific bug, but it would allow you to keep your LingQs so that you wouldn’t have to bother deleting them.

Alright Alex. Thanks for the response!

I know upgrading won’t fix it up as you stated I won’t have to delete lingQs, but it would be nice to become a paying member.

hi, i have question
i have learning lingqs about flashcards but does not update on my profile. what’s happen?what’s am i doing wrong?

@jhoy - LingQs are considered Learned LingQs when they reach Status 4, so it may take a few review sessions to actually move them up to Status 4 :slight_smile: