LingQ's changing demographics

I’ve used to look at Amazon Alexa before and am now amazed to see that 32% of the LingQ’s visitors now seem to come from Norway, almost getting into seven hundred top websites in the country. On the other hand, the huge stake of users LingQ used to get from South America and the former USSR is apparently not there any more.

You forgot: “How fast does load? Very Slow (3.076 Seconds), 84% of sites are faster.”

@aha23 it’s a bit faster for me, but we’re currently working on improving the website speed and performance.

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That is one thing that didn’t ever change, so I didn’t mention it =)

How did we get so many Norwegians? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

A partial reason could be that many people immigrate to Norway and there are not that many resources to learn Norwegian so people try less conventional ways to learn the language. Anyway there are still many unknowns on top of that.

And btw don’t you mix Portuguese and Spanish together while you are learning or trying to speak something ?

Also that many people come here from searching the phrase " do you agree". I found that kind of funny ^^)

Its also funny how if you type in “i dare you meaning” into Google, the definition on the top comes from lingq thread i dare you meaning - Google Search.