Lingqs and audio files not loading

When I open a lesson the audio player does not display and the lingqs page does not load. It just says ‘loading’. This problem has been happening for over 18 hours now. Any ideas?


I have this problem too.

I’m having the same problem!

my lingq has been useless since yesterday. nothing is working properly. they seem to be working on it.

Please delete your Browser cache. That is what I always do after a change on the website. Usually it solves a lot of the problems after an update.

Flashcards are not working correctly either. Cache is clean. I suspect it will be fixed soon. It’s still somewhat early in the day in the Pacific timezone.

Refreshing the page (ctrl +F5) should help load lessons. We are looking into the flashcards issue. Sorry!

Clearing the browser cache worked. Thankyou Vera!