LingQing - vocables

If I work with a lesson and want to add an unknown word that isn’t marked in blue, I have to do a double click on the word. After that a double click once again to create the LingQ.

But very often, not the single word is blue, often there is added one or more further words. I cannot avoid that. If then “Google translate” is coming, I don’t have any possibility to edit.

Do I anything wrong? How can I mark a single word?

Another possibility would be very helpful: If I want to add a single word in the vocabulary section, I cannot do this here on this page. I have to go away from this page to the vocabulary area. There, I can add the words or expressions by “Import”.

Would it be possible to have this possibility on the lessons’ page, too?

I don’t have the problem that you mention. When you want to make a word or a phrase blue, you need to select it in the same way that you would select text on a website that you want to copy and paste. Double clicking on a word is just one way to do that. Maybe trying to select the word instead of double clicking will do the trick.

If you want to add a word to the vocabulary section without leaving the lesson, I know one way of doing it which I discovered when trying to learn how to LingQ phrases on the iPad. If you want to LingQ a word, ‘potatoes’ maybe, but you do not have that word in your text, what you can do is instead, select a random word, let us assume ‘tomato’, in the text (either a known one, or a blue one) and click ‘Search Dictionary’. This automatically LingQs the word and opens the thing on the right where you can search the dictionary. You will see next to the LingQ logo, right above ‘Add Tags’, the word that you just LingQed, ‘tomato’ in this example. Click on that, and you will be able to edit the word. Change that to the word that you actually want to LingQ, ‘potatoes’ in this example, and type in your definition into the hints. This will do the job. You may want to delete the phrase too since it will be wrong.

Wow, thanks for your detailed description. Until now, I didn’t know that I am able to edit the word or changed expression. That helps in all events, even if I cannot select a single word.

But now, after your description, I could recognize the difference between select and double click, too. That helps me now to reach my goal :slight_smile:

Thanks again,

I’m glad it is helpful. I use LingQ on the iPad a lot, where one cannot select known words and phrases like one should, so I had to find this workaround. However, maybe adding a simpler way to manually add LingQs to the reading interface would improve its usability, especially on the iPad.