Lingq'ing stops working

After making a few lingqs, the ‘known word’ click stops working. Getting out and back in again in classic fashion usually fixes the problem. This is on the lesson ‘el gato con pulgas’.

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I’m having the same problem too . I can’t study anymore at linq since they changed the website . I hope they fix it soon , because I really like studying at linq and if they don’t solve the problem I’m gonna need to find a new way of study .

Trying to zoom in on the source of the problem: I´m using a Mac with OS X 10.5, normally with the Safari browser. This has the problem. The problem is still there with Chrome browser. I´ve done a limited trial with Firefox and it seems that it does not have the problem. On a PC both the Explorer and Firefox browsers work ok.

@dogwoad Can you give any more details on this issue? We are having trouble reproducing it. Which mode are you in? Are you using your mouse to click the buttons? Any more detail should help us.

Not quite sure what you mean by ¨what mode are you in?¨ In the library I pick a lesson and click on a blue word. The suggested translations come up. I click on the first meaning and the word turns yellow. This happens slooowly. Then I click on the next blue word and select “I know this word”. Nothing happens - the word stays blue.

I´m not actually using a mouse to click - on the Mac I just click the track pad -should be equivalent, though.
I´ve used the Firefox browser more extensively now without experiencing this problem, so I am able to continue with Lingq, but it´s obviously not ideal.

I’m trying to make this happen but can’t. Does the slowness happen all the time? Does the I know button only not work after the slowness? I suspect you are right that they are related. Are you clicking I know before the previous word turns yellow?

Why this stops working - the LEARN, EXCHANGE and TASKS buton !!! I can’t study!!! What’s going on???

Go to the lesson that you want to study then go to settings and put it on “Manual Mode” and put the “Sound Effects” OFF .
I was having the same problem then i put on manual mode and for now seems ok , I’m studying without any problem . I hope it works for you .

Thanks Matheus. I did´t even know about “settings”. In fact neither manual nor automatic were selected. Then I had the problem (using Safari browser). So then I selected “manual” and the problem went away. And now it seems to work with manual or automatic settings. Thanks again.

You’re welcome :wink:

@dogwoad What was it set to when you first went to the Settings? Or, are you saying none of the four modes were selected initially?

@beata5259 Can you please try refreshing that page? We had that problem on iOS devices in the Safari browser after the recent update to iOS but it should have been fixed a few days ago.