Lingqing sentences in iphone app (ilingq)

Are there any plans to make the ilinq app work for lingqed phrases and sentences (instead of just words), and if so hopefully it will work like on the desktop where if you have lingqed phrases and there are lingqed words inside those phrases you can click twice to find the single word meaning.

Are you referring to the fact that you can LingQ words and phrases on the computer if you LingQ the words first and then the phrases, but then the saved phrases do not show up on iLingQ?

I do not have the answer, over to Mark.

@rjtrudel - We will try to improve the functionality of the iLingQ app but no promises as to when that function will be available. We are limited by the iOS platform.

I would like to see in the iLingQ app that all “status 4” terms would be ignored (not marked in yellow, no hints, and no flashcards), maybe as an option. And of course I would like to see all the multi-word phrases…