Lingqing Problem

When I try to make my own LingQs and try to add my own definition it says:


This field is required.

@brichardson2x - How are you adding these LingQs? If you can provide a screenshot that should help as well.

I’m having the same problem. I get the message when I click “Search Dictionary” while adding a LingQ. I have a screenshot, but cannot figure out how to post it in the forum.

@gerdemb - you can just email it to support at LingQ dot com or upload the image on Alex or my wall.

@brichardson2x, gerdemb - We have been able to reproduce this issue and will get it fixed soon.

Thank you for the quick work.

I am having the same problem. Hope it will be fixed soon.

I also encountered this problem especially when I wanted to lingq “phrases”. Now I’ve found a workaround before this issues is fixed - just choose any existing lingq, and then edit from that one. voilà

@all - This issue should now be fixed. Thanks for your patience!

@alex - the issue with lingqing phrases seems to be fixed but now I can’t press enter to select “search dictionary”. Nothing happens when I do that. I can click on search dictionary with my mouse and the other menu options can still be selected with the enter button.

@cgreen0038 - Looks like you’re right! We’ll get this one fixed too…