Lingqing phrases on website

Is it possible to make a phrase lingq on the website? When I highlight the phrase all I get is the copy/paste function. I can do it on the app, but I’d rather be on the website (on a tablet).

Yes, you can save phrases on the website too. Please note that you can highlight and save a maximum of 9 words at once.

How do I do this? When I try to lingq a phrase on the website, all I get is the highlighting that lets me copy and paste.

What browser are you using? When you highlight up to 9 words, you should see a regular popup to save it, just like when selecting single words.

On an android tablet using Firefox mobile (I can’t see and don’t know how to see the words and definitions on the right side of the page in the desktop version). I tap one word and get the definition, but when I try to get a phrase, all I get is the copy/paste function.

Thanks, that could be an issue with mobile web version only. I asked our team to look into it.

Yes, I have that same problem as well. However, I’m using a Windows 10 PC and running Firefox as well. So, maybe it’s a Firefox issue?

@Rhethead We will look into it.