LingQing in Chinese

I am having a heck of a time saving phrases in the Damn Simple Chinese lessons. Single hanzi were ok but highlighted phrases were not generating pop-ups. So I went back and deleted all my LingQs in Chinese, and started saving phrases only. It was much easier when there were no Hanzi within the phrase that were already LingQed. However when I tried to save single Hanzi within a saved phrase, I often got no pop-ups. Finally, the phrases I LingQed after deleting all my single character LingQs will not, with one exception, show up on the vocabulary list next to the lesson. However, they do show on the regular Vocabulary page.

Here is a link to lesson one of Damn SImple Chinese /reader/

Sorry, I cannot see this page in the Internet.
I don’t know which problem has happened, neither.

Links to a personal workdesk don’t work. Here’s lesson one: (collection)

After looking up the page Lesson 1 Damn SImple Chinese, no problem seems to me.

Each word is separated as the following when I loged in with another account in order to know what it is happening now.

早上 好!
早上 好! 你 好 吗?
我 很 好 ,你 呢 ?
我 也 很 好。谢谢。

Highlighted blue words are generating as the following

早上–>> morning
好–>> good

If we don’t know certain grammatical rules, I think we shoud save each phrase like 早上 好!–>>“Good morning” with pinyin “za3o sha4ng ha3o”.

Me too, when I was just a very biginner, I did such a thing, especially certain idiomatic expression it is necessary to save phrases.

I think saving short phrases is OK, I don’t know what happened exactly. As for me, I don’t use Flash card or Word list very often, I learn words or phrases just by listening to same contents reading them aloud many times.

Sorry, here, this is a support forum, Regarding technical problems, I didn’t find certain problems.