Lingqing Expressions


When I first started using Lingq a couple of years ago, I was doing some French and I marked as a phrase: “Je veux”. Well, that was a rookie mistake, as what I want to mark now in order to review with flashcards, tag it separately, etc. is “Je veux dire”. But the system won’t let me do this, apparently because “Je veux” is already lingq’d I can’t actually highlight and capture slight longer phrase. Is there a way to address this? Can I somehow reverse the original such that I can lingq the larger phrase? So far, trying to do that doesn’t work for me.



Hi! Owing to the fact that “phrase-on-phrase” action caused a lot of glitchiness, we made some changes here a while back.

What I would recommend is just clicking the phrase “Je veux” then clicking the “X” in the status bar to delete it. After that, you should be able to highlight the phrase “Je veux dire” and save this longer phrase.

Hope this helps!