LingQing blue words in iphone

Is that possible? I have tried but does not work.

Listening to the lessons in my iphone I can´t listen, as I do in my computer. With iphone I should download the lesson then I think my connection get slower. Do I am missing something?

Thank you


If you would like to create LingQs from your iPhone, you will have to do so from a browser (Safari, etc.). Simply open up a lesson then tap on a blue word and the blue popup will appear.
If you would like to listen to the lessons from within Safari, just click the green download button near the top and the audio file will open up and begin playing.
Alternatively, you can use the iLingQ application which will allow you to listen and review from your iPhone much more easily.

Thank you so much.

While it is possible to do this, it seems from my own trying this that once you’ve opened a window to make a LingQ but you want to choose a word from a dictionary instead of taking a hint, you can’t see all the dictionaries. Normally you can scroll down inside that LingQ window to see all the dictionaries but no scroll bar appears. Tried to do this on my friend’s iPad and my iPod but no scroll bar would appear, you can only scroll the entire page. Anyone else getting this problem?

No scroll bar appears, but you should still be able to scroll through the list to find the other dictionaries. Simply press down on the dictionary section of the widget then move your finger upwards and it will scroll.
I’m doing this on an iPhone, but it should work for all iOS devices.

I’m doing this on an iPod touch and I’ve tried as you’ve suggested several times but it still won’t scroll. It simply moves away from the box down the page as normal. The browser doesn’t seem to fixate on the word window that has been opened. I get the same problem with the big list of user hints too. It is puzzling that I am having this problem if you can do it fine on your iPhone. There shouldn’t be much difference with our browsers.

You need to use 2 fingers to scroll on an iPod touch.

Ah, so that’s it! Thank you aybee!

Was not aware of that – thanks!