Lingqing a sentence where some words are on the next line

Hi Folks! I’ve noticed a problem when lingqing sentences. If some of the words in the sentence are on the next line of the text then I’m finding that after I lingq the sentence, leave the page and then return (or just refresh the page), the sentence is no longer lingqed. I’m using firefox but it also happens in chrome.

@lebowski_98 - I find this is working fine for shorter phrases spanning two lines. If you are LingQing longer passages and sentences, it becomes much more difficult to highlight these longer strings unfortunately. Since, the intention of this functionality is not to highlight full sentences or passages, we can’t guarantee when we will be able to look at this. But, we will add this to our list and get to it when we can.

@mark - thanks for the reply. I thought it strange as, unlike you, its happening with two or more words with me. I’m currently reading through Alex Leroc - L’ange gardien. I therefore tried a different lesson and it works as normal. It could just be the series of L’ange gardien lessons in which it’s happening. Bizarre!