LingQing a phrase over multiple lines on iPhone app no longer works

After taking a few weeks off LingQ I have come back to find that LingQing phrases over multiple lines does not work the way it used to on the iPhone [5.1.3 (3)] and iPad apps.

Even though I am only tapping on the words I want it always adds more words on either side to the LingQ, e.g. in the attached example, I just want ‘il canale della Manica’ but I’m unable to select just these words. It only happens when it goes over multiple lines, and it didn’t happen before. Sometimes a workaround solution is to view sentence and hope that the phrase appears on only one line there but if it goes over two lines, the same problem happens. Another workaround is that selecting one word sometimes gives the option of the ‘related phrase’ but this doesn’t always happen and is also less efficient/convenient.

Is this a bug or I am doing something wrong?


Yup! I’m having the same issue with my iPad Air and my wife’s iPad mini. Trying to select text from one line to the next leads to totally unpredictable behaviors.

This happens to me too, on iPhone

Thanks for reporting! We will look into it.

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I’m still running into the issue that there is no space between words that fall on a line break

It seems to be fixed in the latest app update - thank you!

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