LingQ'd pop up bug just added 200+ words to my "known" list

How do I get them off my known list and off my stats? Any help greatly appreciated, I’d really like my stats to be reflection of my true progress, and of course need those words to show up with hints in new lessons.

Thanks in advance

Do you mean that you clicked on LingQ’d before you had finished the lesson? If that is the case you just need to go through the lesson and save any words you do not know, and things will be back in order.

Or do you mean something else?

Hey, thanks for fast reply.

Yes, I clicked the blue LingQ’d accidentally as it popped up. Indeed, I’ve just started to re-select the words I don’t know. All will be well with my stats in half an hour : )

I don’t know if the system is a little buggy at the moment, but each time I highlight the unknown words back to blue, when I re-open the lesson, they are un-highlighted and still show on my “know words” list. I feel like a cheat !

Do you mean that they are still shown with no highlight even after LingQing them? Try refreshing the page to see if it helps; your browser may be loading cached data. Words that are LingQed should show up with a yellow highlight unless they are status 4, in which case they will have an underline.

Also, what browser are you using? Have you tried another browser/computer to see if the issue persists?

Hi Alex,
Thanks for reply. Yes they remain un-highlighted after trying to retag them all as blue “unknown”. Once I check my stats or refresh the page they are back to known (no highlight).

I’ve tried to LingQ them to yellow hints now, which has sort of worked, but the words do remain on my “known words”, despite them being status 1.

I’m using firefox and safari, but only on one machine. I guess it’s not a huge problem, I’ll just have to learn all those new words so my stats are correct : ) But if there was a simple way to revert them to unknown blue, and take them off my known words, that would be cool.

Sorry for long post. thanks

The reason that these words don’t go back to having a blue highlight is that after you’ve interacted with the word by creating a LingQ out of it, it isn’t technically “new” anymore. Unfortunately there is no way to force the words to be blue again, but creating a LingQ out of the term removes it from the Known Words tally. After creating a LingQ of a word, it should no longer show up as white if its status is 1-3.

However, you mention that some LingQed terms with status 1 are still showing up with no highlight in the text, which is strange. Can you double-check to see that this is the case and then possibly send us a screenshot or screencast of it?

Sorry for late reply. All tagged words are no showing in yellow, so I guess there is no problem with that. I think the words have remained on my “known” list, but I don’t mind about that; they’ll be learned eventually.