Lingq Youtube Import Error: "Error: duration: please ensure the value equals 5400 or less.."

I wonder if there is a maximum length of video I can import. If so, what is the limit?

I occasionally get the error: Error: duration: please ensure the value equals 5400 or less… (??

Can you please send me a link to one of videos for which you got that error message? I’ll check it with our team.

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Thanks. Here are some examples:

Yes, seems like these videos are longer than allowed and that is why they can’t be imported. I’ll check with our developers what is the limit and let you know when I hear back.

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i think it means that it want you to import videos that is less than 5400 seconds (1 hour and 30 minuites) long

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That’s correct, yes.

If have just tried to import a video from ZDF that is 93 minutes and I get this 5400 error message (no problem with shorter videos). Is there anyway to have this limit extended or to circumvent this limitation? Thanks.

Sorry, but 90 mins is maximum at the moment.

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Hi, Jan!
You could split longer videos into two (or more) smaller parts and then try to import them into LingQ. Here’s a blog post on how this can be done using the free VLC Media Player:

Have a nice day

Hi Zoran - why is 90 minutes the maximum? Many movies and documentaries that I want to import are just over the 90 minute limit and it’s somewhat frustrating. I understand there must be a limit, but surely such a limit can be extended.

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Hello, Zoran. What if I wish to import something that doesn’t include a video; something that only includes text, such as a Wikipedia article? Is there a limit to the number of words that can be imported into LingQ as well?

@motionfx It’s simple how it is unfortunately. Videos longer than 5400 seconds (90 mins) can’t be supported at the moment. Hopefully one day!

@5698 No, in that case the complete text will be imported but lessons will be split into parts if text is too long.