LingQ Year in Review

2008 was a very eventful year for us at LingQ. We made a significant number of changes and improvements to the site. Of course, lately these have included the launch of courses and the accompanying refinements as well as the facelift to the site with the new design. Not to mention the streamlining of the lesson handling and studying pages.

Looking further back we saw the introduction of point awards for content providers and honour roll members. We received a ton of great content from our members and we look forward to more of the same in 2009! We also saw the launch of the Community in 2008 including the profile page, friends, blogging and inviting a friend to conversations. With regard to conversations, we launched the conversation report as well as a multitude of small improvements to this section.

LingQs of the Day emails were introduced as were improved flashcards. We also reworked the LingQ widget and introduced User Hints and Additional Dictionaries.

There were many other small changes too numerous to mention. We hope that 2009 will bring as much change or more to LingQ as we continue to strive to make LingQ the best place for language learners on the web!

In 2009, we intend to continue to improve the Community. Communicating with your friends and tracking your friends’ activities are at the top of our list. We intend to introduce more ways of interacting with other members and of building up social interaction. We also intend to add a few new languages and improve the functionality for Asian languages.

As well, we will always be improving our basic functionality, particularly the functionality around creating LingQs and improving the navigability of the library. There are many other small things that we will attempt to do in all the sections of the site; thanks in large part to the feedback of our members.

We will also look at ways in which we can help our members help us spread the word about LingQ. In 2009, we have to let everyone know we exist! We are very excited about the coming year and we think you should be too! Thank you to all LingQ members for all your contributions and support and all the best in the new year!

I want to say “Thank you”! There is still a lot to do, but you did a great job. I hope that you reach your goals in 2009 and get enough members that LingQ. I wish you all the best for 2009!

In my opinion, invention of LinqQ has not been completely recognized yet. I think it is more, than simply another method for language learning. Perhaps someday it would affect the whole official language learning systems in many countries, which are rather ineffective today.
Thank you that you have invented LinqQ. Thank you all community members. Yes, there is a lot to improve, and I hope 2009 will be even more successful. Happy New Year!!!

Thanks a lot, Mark. I’d say you really have done a great job, especially for Steve. He share us his successful experience and work out such a nice platform. It did make me feel more confident and interested in exploring a new language. There are still many difficult and new problem LingQ will face in the future, but with more and more people joining in us and theire fresh idea, 2009 would certainly be a brilliant and expecting year for all members!

Happy new year……