LingQ wrongly attributes the same picture to all imported texts

Hi Zoran and everybody else. Recently I imported Youtube Chinese subtitles and made a lesson at my quick imports and LingQ attributed a snapshot of the video to that lesson.

However, since then ALL texts that I import and create a lesson receive THE SAME picture. What’s happening? It’s not a thing that is a big deal or affects the learning, it’s just annoying to see the same picture again and again with a totally unrelated topic.

Are you importing all lessons in that same course? DO you have the course image set?
If you are unsure, you can message me on support(at) and send me the course URL. I’ll take a look.

Yep, every one of my lessons imported to the Quick Imports course has a picture of Max from Russian with Max proposing to Julia (also from Russian with Max).

I’m importing to Quick Imports. Some Youtube videos get their original snapshots but others just keep getting the same unrelated pic.

Thanks guys, we are looking into this and we will have it fixed.