LingQ with "female" and "male" search filters :D

I’m not suggesting anything, but wouldn’t it be useful if LinqQ had search filters that allows you to choose if you want to listen to a lesson which is recorded by male or female person? :slight_smile: For the most part, I think that would be useful because if you’re female than you would choose “female” recordings, and vice-verse, because male and female speakers speak differently. What are your opinions?

It would be useful for when you want to focus on your own pronunciation. If you want to improve your comprehension, it is useful to listen to both.

That sounds like it would be useful as an option under advanced filters, but it seems like regional accents, which is even more useful, is no longer available as a filter. I don’t see it in the library anyway; has it been removed?

The regional accents were reverted into tags, as far as I know.

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Having more options does’nt hurt. Not a bad idea.

Thanks for the suggestion! I don’t know that this is something we would do on any sort of wide scale, as it would require us to go into every single lesson on the site and add the appropriate “male” or “female” tag :slight_smile:

Content uploaders are able to add tags to lessons or courses, so they can add these types of tags when uploading and sharing lessons on the site. Because so much of LingQs content comes from our community, it’s actually quite difficult to have a standardized tagging system. I made the reference in another thread, but in many ways LingQ’s library is like YouTube. We’re looking at doing some things to make it easier to find relevant content, but the providers have to provide good titles and relevant tags to make sure their content can be found :slight_smile: