LingQ very slow


I haven’t been using LingQ for a while now. But it seems that the server is slow; maybe a lot of users are using LingQ since the COVID-19 virus and an increase in language learners is expected.

I have 250 Download speed and I am located in The Netherlands. I am only having trouble with LingQ and not with any other website.


I am located in Germany. It happens occasionally however if this thing keeps persistent then I do something else and try to get active studies done at Lingq other times.

The problem I keep having consistently is trying to move a word to “Known” and it not working and I have to keep clicking it like 10 times or completely refresh the page.


Same for me. In this last weeks I had the feeling that it was slower. And sometimes similar problem as MarkE when trying to mark a word level 2 or 3, it doesn’t work and I have to click somewhere else and then try again.


I have had this problem for more than a year while using LingQ; I actually got used to it. It used to not bother me, that being said, it definitely is worse now and bothers me.

Even the Text-To-Speech isn’t on sync with when I click on a word or highlight a long sentence. It is killing my reading/clicking speed since I have to wait for TTS to catch up.

I think it is because the sever is based in just one location? People from other regions will have high ping(connection) than users based in the server region, so it will lag behind.

I also read in some really old forum posts(years ago) that it has to do with having many known-words or LingQ’s, but I don’t think that is the problem.


I also have this problem. Specially with “My Lessons” tab which takes like 20 seconds to open! other parts are also a bit slow but not that much! Could it be because of the large number of courses? I have 87 courses in the “My lessons”.

Yes, it’s really annoying. The TTS is so messed up because of it as is increasing the status of a word. LingQ has never been fast, but it got even worse.

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The “My Lessons” page is consistently taking 45 seconds to load. All the other tabs open instantly.
I’ve been on here every day for the last three months and this has only happened in the the last 3 or 4 days.

Other than that brilliant site!

Sorry to hear that, everyone! I’ll check with our team and let you know when I hear back.


My Lessons tab is now working fine after 3-4 days of going slooow
I only posted 2 hours, 27 minutes ago.

SPOKE TO SOON . . . BACK TO 45 seconds to open My Lessons tab

Same here. “My Lessons” tab takes forever to load. In USA.

I mainly use LingQ in my Android and most of the time my audio does not load. Now I’m anxiously awaiting for the upgrade which is said to be coming this month. No pressure though. haha.

I have no such troubles