LingQ v5 on mobile problems pls update and fix

So the problems are

  1. I’ve spent 3 hours downloading all audio guide courses from beginner to advanced 2 via WIFI(5gb audio cache ) when i was home. When i left the home and wanted to listen some audio that I’ve already downloaded at home via wifi but it didn’t worked and started again to re-download via data mobile and my data mobile is limited but there it shows i have 5 gb audio cache.

  2. When I’ve opened a new lesson the audio start downloading automatically and that’s not good, I’ve tried to ‘disable download’ option but dosen’t work it keep downloading automatically and there’s no option to disable.

In conclusion

-I’ve downloaded all guide courses audio via wifi but when your wifi is off and you are switching on mobile data all audio that you already downloaded start to re-download again via data mobile and what is worst when you try to open a lesson audio is starting to download automatically and that sucks because mobile data is limited and I’ve already downloaded at home via wifi and audio cache is 5 gb soo…

Please fix :d

In my case, when I am in the android version, all the tracks of a previously created playlist do not always appear, I hope they can also solve this problem.


Thanks for reporting the problem. We will look into it.