LingQ "Upgrades"

I understand that LingQ is trying to persuade more free members to become paying members; I have no problem with that. What I do have a problem with is that I cannot upgrade. I do not have even $10 to give each month (I’m fifteen and jobless).

I would like to continue learning with lingq, but to do so, I must be able to at least delete my old lingqs so I can get down to the 100 lingq limit. It seems like I am not allowed to even do this! I can understand preventing batch deletions, but to stop the deletion of any lingqs while also mandating that I delete them seems to me a little much. Is there anyway around this?

Anyway, not to be a nuisance, I just cannot afford even a basic membership. I understand that LingQ needs to bring in more paying members, I just found this predicament interesting as two new measures to do this seem to contradict each other.

I am in exactly the same situation as you. I’m 17, not financially independent, have no paypal account, have no job, and bogged down by other expenses. It’s a tough situation, since you really want a basic account and would pay for it but you simply just can’t. What you have to realize and accept though is that none of the administrators care. They want money for their services, and silly little teenagers like us that can’t and won’t be able to give them money for a while aren’t worth their time. But that’s ok, that’s logical, and I have faith that it is possible to worth within whatever limitations they present and still succeed in language learning. Afterall, setting the limits lower than that won’t get them a paying customer base since none of their potential customers will be able to see the value of the system.

The delete batch isn’t the only way to delete Lingqs, you have to click on each one individually and delete it that way. This is probably the most ridiculus change they have made to the site and basically annoys people into buying an upgraded account, which in my opinion is a pathetic way to get customers, but they make the rules and we have to follow them. Funnily enough, the new 100 Lingq limit will make this less terrible than initially while we still have close to 300 Lingqs to delete lol.

Don’t give up, adapt.

I believe that there are a lot resources available at LingQ for free users, the Libraries, constantly growing, the Forum and community, and the online dictionary and use of our User Hints, for example.

As to whether the recent changes will achieve the desired results of encouraging more people to become paying members, only time will tell.

It is not difficult to be a shoemaker if you give away your shoes.However, since you have to pay for the rent, the equipment and the leather, it is not a long term viable solution. Nor can you just give your shoes away to some people and ask some other people to pay.

At least we do offer the chance for some people to get our absolutely bottom of the line loafers free of charge.

I would not do so much complaining about a service which you receive free of charge.

We do sympathize with those of you who can’t afford to pay. Perhaps you can find someone to help you out. Your parents or friends, for instance. Perhaps you can do something for them in exchange for paying for your membership.

Excuse me, but I found this question is quite silly. You have parents who are responsible for you. They buy clothes and food for you, they pay for school, why they can’t buy a 6-month LingQ membership for you?
By the way, I earned my first money at 12. Do you know what I bought? Shoes! As my parents can’t afford to buy me a new pair of shoes (I have an older sister, that’s why I usually wore her old shoes). I don’t think that you are at the same situation as I was at that time. So, wy answer is – you always can find a solution, if you really want to solve the problem.
One more time excuse me.

And one more thing – my parents usually did not buy new clothes for me, but they always paid for my education. As it is an investment to my future

I think not all LingQ members have been in such a situation as Cakypa, so I find Mark’s concern quite okay. I can imagine paying for my daughter for example, or my boss could consider paying my membership as an investment in employee’s further education

I don’t have much money too, so I just convinced my dad to pay a mere 10$ a month, and he agreed! =)

I don’t like asking for things from people. My parents included.
I should have a job, I should be far more financially independent at my age, I should have had a checking account by now, and I should know personal finance.
I think it’s because I’m the youngest, and they were in Denial about me growing up.
Oh but I do have a lot of money in Cash that I earned, but…doesn’t help much in this situation.

Osaihe: I do not like you attitude of being a victim. It is not a good basis for your future live. You should start assimilating the fact that you have to pay for quite everything in this world.

I know that on the internet many people abandon the politeness they normally exhibit in face-to-face communication, but I do hope that lingq remains a polite and supportive environment

I was not trying to foment trouble here - I was just wondering about the new changes. Osaieh took my message further than it was meant to be taken! I realize LingQ is a business and needs to maximize its income to advance and expand. I was a paying member for a while, but ran out of saved money and my parents are not in a situation to help me with something they see as so trifling (we’re American – in other words, monolingual and proud).

At any rate, I will find a way to make some money so that I can upgrade and support the site. LingQ has been a great help to me – I was not trying to disparage the site or those dedicated to running it.