LingQ Update Issues

Since LingQ updated from blue to brown on the PC, I no longer have access to translations on the Desktop version. Also, some of the Russian Beginners videos no longer load on the mobile version (Who is she).

Are we now being forced to upgrade to Premium to access even the basic functions? Based on other comments it seems LingQ 5 is not being received in the best light.

Edit: I - mistakenly in retrospect - updated the LingQ mobile app, thinking it would solve the Beginners video issue above. Yes, now Who Is She loads, but ALL the translations have disappeared (although the Desktop version has them)! Before, one could read the translation, get the gist of the dialogue and then work out the meaning of each Russian word, how the tenses change etc. It also seems a senseless feature that one cannot turn to the next page of the dialogue without clicking that one knows all the words of the current page - a dialogue is a lesson, not a page.

LingQ, you have alienated a lot of people with this disastrous ‘upgrade’! As the Americans say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.


My experience with updated version so far has been negative too!

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My profile is not showing yesterday and today (it only shows last 7 days and beyond in the past) and the box where we could adjust reading and listening from off the site or minus reading if necessary is also gone. Will this be fixed as a bug, or is this another surprise from the upgrade? Yesterday I could see it so I could fix the huge number of words I did not read when I inadvertently moved to the next page many times.

This was a very import feature to me since I also prefer to read my private lessons (which is almost 100% of my reading and studying) on the original kindle version, since this a much more comfortable reading interface for me. Tracking my reading and listening was a very important feature to me and being unable to correct it on a daily basis when necessary would be a huge negative.

Case in point, today I “read” 6500 words because I lost my place when trying to change my font size back to where it was yesterday, and after paging around to find my place, I magically “read” 6500 words in 1 minute! Now I cannot remove them. I tried to remove them from the statistics within the lesson which showed I had read the lesson 3.2 times (which I have not), but it did not reflect in the stats in my profile which still show the 6500 words read.

I have spent almost an hour this morning messing around with this, and also about the same yesterday and the day before, with what seem to be bugs in the new interface. Would you suggest I should just wait and come back in a few days when these things get worked out? It seems ironic to me that my annual subscription renewed on Feb 1 just when these changes took place. I am trying to keep a positive attitude, but I am not sure that this is just a learning curve for a new version, and feeling very discouraged after 3 days of being frustrated when I use the site. I will log out now and come back tomorrow for another try, and meanwhile, spend the rest of my available study time today reading my private lessons on my kindle.

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