LingQ Update 3/20/12

“LingQ is temporarily down as we make improvements”

So what did you guys do? After clicking around a bit I don’t see any changes. Did you just update some background stuff?

We just pushed a few bug fixes :slight_smile:

I hoped it was something new… :frowning:

Ah, hey, the bug fix I am waiting for is the one where when you crate a new lingq, and you start typing in the hint box, the cursor suddenly jumps to the search box of the active dictionary mid-word. That one is very annoying. Not a show stopper, but annoying nonetheless.

@odiernod - The issue there is that we do force the cursor to open in the Hint field but if the dictionary you are opening is also trying to force your cursor into a field on their site it then moves the cursor on you. It is dependant on the dictionary you are using and that dictionary’s command occurs after ours and overrides it. We’ll see if we can do anything about it but no promises…

The fix I was waiting for was for commas in a LingQed phrase to not truncate the LingQ. I can’t work out if you’ve fixed it or not.