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Hello Everyone! I’ve noticed that Steve has Ukrainian on his page. So does that mean LingQ has a new beta language? But when I’ve went into the beta langauges option, it wasn’t there. So it could probably become public in the future someday.

Having put so much into LingQ, I have a certain amount of pull. Despite strong objections from Mark and Alex, who see this as a departure from our stated policy on adding languages,I prevailed, after a long struggle and sustained nagging and the odd angry fit.

They took pity on me in view of the fact that I had saved 1600 LingQs in Ukrainian using the Hebrew slot, which is very time consuming because I have to change the language of google translate for every word. So Ukrainian is there, but it is more of a favour to the old man than a change in policy.


Steve, I hope you get into Ancient Greek at some point :wink:


Didn’t you read what Steve posted?! It was by luck he got Ukrainian on to LingQ. So don’t expect a new language anytime soon.


When will Ukrainian be released to the public? Some of the other users also wanted Ukrainian to be available on LingQ as well. I hardly care for Slavic Languages, so Russian will be my first and last Slavic Language, when I get to it. But I must thank you for your persistence to add this language on LingQ.

Ozzy, it is there so others can also use it.

rafael, I don’t want to push my luck, but one day…


I’ve checked the beta languages page about 20 before you have posted it. That was my bad for not checking before posting.

I am using only imported texts. I don’t intend to provide lessons at this point. If others want to they can, but they should wait because the library is not yet working properly for Ukrainian.

If you want to import for yourself go ahead. Here are some of the sources I use.

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I don’t know where else to post this but has good russian and ukrainian content WITH TRANSCRIPTS :slight_smile:

Суботнє інтерв’ю - Статті - Радіо Свобода still have transcripts too!

Колумністи - has very interesting ukrainian articles.

30/04/2014 !