LingQ tutors and lessons

I’ve just been listening to Steve’s recent video and he mentioned the lessons with tutors. I was interested to hear that during the lessons he has the opportunity to speak almost uninterrupted. At the minute I am doing some lessons on Skype from tutors elsewhere but I don’t seem to have much chance to speak or be given the framework in which I can become more capable of speaking. I’m sort of looking for support to help me to speak more. Is this what LingQ lessons are like? I have plenty of textbook lessons :frowning: so I’m not looking for that - I can do that sort of thing on my own. Perhaps the kind of lessons I want don’t exist, but I just thought I’d ask :slight_smile:

I’m surprised none of the Spanish tutors have answered yet.

Yes, Lingq lessons are generally as you seem to want them to be. It’s just an uninterrupted conversation.

@Yotsuba - You can have conversations with the LingQ tutors which is great because they correct you and give you pointers throughout the conversation and also provide you with a conversation report. I’ve spoken with a couple of the tutors and they’ve always been very patient, helpful and are open to discuss any topic. I also use the tutors a lot on Jumping in and having a conversation has helped significantly in improving my language skills. It can be frustrating when you can’t find the right words but above all else it has been fun. I still speak awfully slow in comparison to the Italians but it’s a process. I’ve had conversations in Italian on everything from entertainment to politics to the weather. With every conversation I learn something new and it’s an opportunity to put in to practice what I spend so many hours learning. Hope this helps:)