LingQ tutor conversations on YouTube

With permission, I uploaded my conversation with Emma on YouTube.
Here it is, in Japanese.

I hope it helps promote LingQ.

Hi Keith,

Looks good! Why don’t you add it to the LingQ Plaza on youtube.

OK, I have submitted it. Please check.

Mark, my video does not show up in the group.

Keith, I have no idea how this works. If you submit a video, I should be able to see it to approve it. Try again. It is a little weird. There does not seem to be a way to delete videos so I am reluctant to let just anyone put up videos.

Yes, the group functions do not work well. I think it is not letting me resubmit it. But I was able to find it listed as pending approval.

To the right of the “Submit a video” button, there are two icons. The one on the right says “Show Discussion” when you hover the pointer over it. Click it and then scroll to the bottom of the list. That is where I can see my submission pending approval.

I have the option of deleting it, but a new submission would just end up there again.

I do not see that option. I have submitted a query to them. (and some people say LingQ is difficult to understand.

Note: I called Steve on Skype and used Skype’s screen sharing function to show him where I was talking about and we resolved this problem.

Keith also showed my how to delete videos so I have opened it up. Anyone can post videos. If you post family videos of your mother in law or favourite pet I will delete them.

Seriously, I want this only for LingQ related videos. If you post a video on how you like reading the dictionary or watching movies, I will also delete it.