Lingq tricks

I´ve just found that you can select phrases straight away by pushing shift and the first and last word of the sentence.
I´ve used Lingq thousands of hours and didnt know that until i found out today; i wonder what other “tricks” Lingq has which im not aware yet.

Do you guys know some?.

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There should be a user’s manual with all the tricks. For instance, . I’d like to know more about importing lessons. I know that this has been discussed on the forum. But il would be a lot easier to have a good introduction in a manual!

The ability to shift+click to create a phrase is something we added in the new Reader. It’s hard to explain this but we just added a note which appears in the blue panel when you click and start dragging. Maybe you saw that and it helped you find this function. One other place you should look is in the keyboard shortcuts in the help panel on the reader page. There are shortcuts there that might be useful for you including pressing b to go to the next blue word and h to go straight to the hint input field.

The problem with manuals is that most people don’t read them and they have to be constantly updated as things change. We have an import help page here but I see it needs an update Import Help. The best way to import, in fact, is usually to use the Chrome Extension. Once it’s installed, you can just click the extension on any webpage and click the Import to LingQ button. After a few seconds, the article will open up on LingQ.
We should provide better help for all import related options. We’ll look into it.
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Thanks for the links, Mark. They are useful!