LingQ Tagalog is Available

Tagalog is now available on LingQ. Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible.



Yes, thank you so much, I am really excited for this one. After Romanian, this will be my go-to.

So where is it? I cannot see it in the language section.

click the “add new language” section, and the beta languages appear

Can you add


As monolingual options pls.

how do you add or suggest news sources

@George_Pig Thanks for your suggestion. I added the Diksiyonaryo dictionary now. Unfortunately, the other one you suggested can’t be supported by our system,

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Hello! I have noticed that Google Translate now has Tagalog text-to-speech. Is there a chance that this may also be available in LingQ soon?

Unfortunately, not yet/ It being available on Google Translate doesn’t mean we can use it. As soon as it’s available to us, we will have it added, no worries.

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