LingQ Store

There have been quite a few requests to buy LingQ t-shirts and souvenirs so we have created a LingQ store and added a variety of items you can buy. Here is one of the t-shirts available.

You can find the store here: LingQ Store - LingQ Blog

Let us know if there is anything else in particular you are looking for and we can try to add it to the store.

Happy LingQing and enjoy! Thanks for helping to spread the word!


Woo Woo so excited! I’ll be picking myself up a shirt.


Nice! I’d love a t-shirt with the logo only, or at least the option to buy it alongside the one in the image. I’m a minimalist kind of guy. :slight_smile: If that’s possible, I would most definitely grab one!

Hey Chris, let me know what you think of these two:

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I really like that! I might have to order me another haha

I like them!! Summer’s coming in NZ, so this is quite timely.

You are lucky…I love the fall, but I’m not ready for the winter so soon!

I liked this t-shirt!!! I’m sorry for asking but… how much does it cost?

You can see the price for each item in the store: LingQ Store - LingQ Blog

You should pay us for wearing your ads, not the other way around.

I got a paypal error message, unfortunately. I use my Aussie PayPal account without problems on Japanese and French sites, for example.

It should be fine. Let us check into this and get back to you.

Many of our members like LingQ and are happy to wear LingQ t-shirts and asked us to provide them. We make no money off these t-shirts and aren’t expecting them to generate a whole ton of advertising…! :slight_smile: You certainly don’t have to buy one.



Think of it as buying a sports jersey. Yeah, you’re advertising the brand, but you’re showing off your team.


Can you try it again now. It looks like the Paypal connection wasn’t properly set up before. Sorry about that.

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