LingQ still does not send email alerts!

I still do not receive e-mail alerts when someone sign up for discussion with me.
Today I logged in to LingQ to submit a writing and saw at the main page:

steve signed up for – 1 on 1 conversation
15 30 26.09 @ 07:30
1 week, 6 days ago

I have not received a notification that Steve signed up for the conversation, and missed this conversation. I have reported this problem several times, and nothing still changed…

We’re actively working on this one, but unfortunately the issue here lies with our email provider. We are looking at workarounds and alternate solutions and do hope to have this issue fixed very soon. In the meantime we are still resolving the issues that remain on the site, especially ones related to more frequently used features.

I have this problem for about 2 years…

I should make a correction to my original post – the issue we’re looking into is related to the writing correction emails not going out. I looked back into older posts and did find your post about the conversation emails. It’s interesting, because I can’t recall any other users who have had this same issue, especially over such a long period of time. Is it possible that your email address has some filters that blocks these specific emails? Also, do you receive all other system and site emails that you are subscribed to?