LingQ status/hint reverting back after making changes

I’m having issues with the status of LingQs not changing and actually reverting (using the iPhone app). I have repeatedly changed several LingQs to known and/or ignore but they keep reverting back to Level 2 or 3, which makes doing flashcards almost pointless given the way that I like to do them (i.e. the same words keep coming up every session no matter how many times I get them right and/or change their status). I have even changed the hint for one LingQ multiple times but it keeps reverting back to the original.

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I also have the problem from time to time.

I made the changes again on desktop and they appear to have been retained, for now at least.

@jungleboy Sorry to hear that. Does that happen on iOS app only? If it happens again, please make sure to message us directly from the app and we will check your logs and try to identify the issue. Thanks.