LingQ status confusion

In the previous Ling-interface, I was under the impression that when you marked a ‘single-word lingQ’ known (status 4 underlined), it was added to the ‘lingQ learned’ count and was also added to the ‘known word count’ while ‘multiple-word lingQ’s’ were only added to the ‘lingQ learned’ count.

I noticed with the new Ling-interface, if you change either a ‘single-word known lingQ’ or a ‘multiple-word known lingQ’ (status 4, underlined) to a ‘check-marked lingQ’ (no underline) it is added to your known word count.

Therefore, if you change a ‘status 4 single-word lingQ’ to a ‘check-marked lingQ’, won’t this falsely inflate your known word count since the ‘status 4 single-word lingQ’ has already been counted as a known word?

I just verified this in chrome!

If you create a single-word or a multiple-ling lingQ and change the status to 4 it adds 1 to your known word list.

If you go back and change the lingQ from status 4 to status ‘check-marked’ it adds 1 to you known word list.

The same known lingQ is counted twice!

@pmilone - Thanks for the heads up about this! We are looking at making a minor change to the check mark that should resolve this issue.

@pmilone - This issue should be resolved now.

Thanks Mark!