LingQ Statistics (old)

LingQ tracks all of your learning so you can check up on your progress anytime.

Your statistics show the progress you are making. Just keep creating LingQs, increasing the status of LingQs, and marking words as Known. Your statistics will grow, and your real-life results will follow!

At any time, you can navigate to your Profile on LingQ (on the menu under your profile icon in the top right corner) to view your complete statistical summary. You also have a preview of these stats on the right-hand side of the LingQ homepage.

Statistics include the LingQs you've created, number of Known Words, hours of listening, reading, writing, and much more. They are extremely motivating. If you put in intentional practice every day, your statistics will skyrocket, and you will be very happy with your results.
1. Statistics
2. LingQ Statistics Keep You Motivated and on Track
3. How many Known Words do I need to reach the different levels?
The number varies from language to language. The numbers below are the minimum thresholds to achieve each level.